Navigation is a human instinct; we have been doing it since, well a long time! Most creatures do it in fact.  So why do we sometimes lack confidence, skills or ability – or all three?  Most of us these days don’t need to think too much about navigating, a gadget does it for us but for the hill goer navigating is an essential skill especially when travelling in Scotland’s wild mountains and unpredictable weather.  Navigating with a map and compass is both an essential skill and it’s fun.  Besides, electronic devices can let us down on occasions ……

What is included?  Navigation courses will look at the basics such as setting and interpreting the map – what does it all mean?  Areas covered will also include using different map types  and scales, compasses of varying types, route selection and the essential D’s!

direction – distance – duration – description -dangers        ……………………………… and any other D’s you fancy!

Where are the courses?   At present due to CV-19 measures, they are all in Stirling-shire and are 1:1 with folks from ……………. Stirling-shire.  The region has a lot to offer from a landscape variety perspective.  So whether your motives are for an introduction, skills development, mountain marathon preparation or dog walking, get in touch.  When circumstances permit courses will be in the Ochils and in the Trossachs.  Bespoke courses can be arranged on request.

What will the day be like?   Well I can’t guarantee perfect weather, but poor conditions are generally a help than a hindrance when it comes to developing navigational skills.  The day will not involve huge distances, but we will be moving for around six hours so walking kit for the season would be appropriate with waterproofs.   Have a look at the Freewill Equipment List for some guidance.

m: 07884 263760