COVID-19 has had and will continue to have a significant impact on our lives and how we live.  We do not know what the long term future looks like from a pandemic perspective; judging the short term is hard enough.  What we can do is follow the guidance that our government is providing:  Scottish Government COVID-19 Guidance  and the Mountaineering Scotland guidance.

We are working in the mountains and are able to follow the guidelines.  I have been working with clients by employing sensible measures.  I have been guiding and instructing in the mountains, providing technical advice and delivering first aid training – all face to face.  All of these activities I can undertake by employing sensible and practical measures as recommended by governing bodies.

I am my triathlon club’s COVID-19 Officer and as such have received training and am custodian of the appropriate risk assessments for three sports and associated coaching.  Please be assured of my commitment to our collective health and well being.   

We can enjoy the hills safely 🙂