COVID-19 Victims

Was climbing today with some very nice people.  Initially with just a friend and mountaineering instructor colleague and fellow Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) member.  We have very little work at present, this year has been tough.  The next year is looking very lean.  COVID-19 in many respects is Darwinian and many will not survive.  Many businesses will fold, many outdoors professionals will have to look elsewhere for work.  We met two others, both outdoor professionals.  Whilst we are all of an age where we have a degree of financial security two things stood out from our appropriately socially distanced conversation.  The first is that we are not ready to retire from work and whilst we are not panicking about the income too much, it appears that a list of trivial tasks on the work and home jobs list have the ability to cause stress – personally I did not see that one coming!  Secondly, it is utterly heartbreaking thinking of the young mountain guides, instructors, leaders and indeed the wider outdoor training and education workers workless.  They will be worrying about the future.  Government and local authorities see outdoor education as unimportant – expendable.  The public are afraid of unwittingly passing on a virus that may not bother them too much, but may have a devastating affect on the elderly and vulnerable.  As we head in the direction of a recession, the depth and duration at present we know not, we should all be moneywise.  I fear for the health and wellbeing of fellow outdoors professionals; so please support us.  We love what we do and want to share that with as many folk as we can in our utterly stunning country.  Government guidance permitting let us guide, instruct and lead through the next few years.  See you on the hill 🙂

Author: Will Manners

Will Manners is a Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (WMCI), and International Mountain Leader, a Nordic Ski Instructor (BASIO 2) and a Mountain Bike Leader. Passionate about all things in the mountains including hill running, ski touring, bike packing and kayaking.