Mid-summer mid-way?

We were blessed with a lovely midsummer evening.  A few of us took a short swim on the Cocksburn reservoir.  A lovely spot with fabulous views north to the Highlands and the receding sun.    There is something that feels very ‘free’ about open water swimming, one also has to consider that ‘what ifs’, especially since I consider a lot of ‘what ifs’ for a living!  We then headed up Dumyat Hill, a modest 418 metres, but a great position and a walk from home.  The sunset was a stunning evolving picture.  It was good to be able to reflect on the first half of the year, a half …….. of two halfs!   We are over the half way part of the year; the half way point of COVID 19?  I think not!  These things are a steep uphill and then a very long and gradual downhill.  It maybe many years before the pandemic is not impacting on our lives.  But the good news is that the hazard and the risks are reducing.  Keep safe, keep positive.