Covid 19 Optimist or Pessimist?

The pandemic has has a huge effect on societies throughout the world and will continue to do so for quite some time.  Eventually there will be less infection, perhaps even the beginning of a vaccine roll out later this year – at least in developed countries …..  For outdoors professionals, those who rely on training, coaching and guiding for a living times are tough.  Some will leave the sector, others will have to change their ‘work balance’; is the sector a serious option in this unpredictable world?  The pessimist in me fears the worst; the continuing restrictions on movement, contact and activity,  a reluctant public to engage with instructors in the outdoors and the effect the forthcoming recession will have on the nation and its population.  The optimist in me gives thanks for my family and my health.  The optimist in me has faith in the great British public and their love of our fantastic wild spaces, lochs, crags and mountains.  The optimist in me has faith in the knowledge that Great Britain has faced many challenges in its history and it can and is facing the current one.  It’s easy to be negative, but far nicer and more healthy to be optimistic and look forward to better times.  The optimist in me is looking forward to working with fantastic and inspiring clients in the hills sharing my knowledge and passion.

Outdoors with Freewill Outdoors
All but three negotiated the boom ……..

This swan yesterday became separated from three signets by a boom.  I am sure that eventually ……… they will be reunited.  The solution is out of my hands and worrying for them benefits no one.  Go be positive and have an awesome day 🙂


Author: Will Manners

Will Manners is a Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (WMCI), and International Mountain Leader, a Nordic Ski Instructor (BASIO 2) and a Mountain Bike Leader. Passionate about all things in the mountains including hill running, ski touring, bike packing and kayaking.